Spaceandtab Company
Software and Design Studio

Our services

You can examine the working areas and services of our studio in this section.


We develop Personal, Corporate and Project-based Web Sites.


We develop Personal, Corporate and Project-based Mobile Applications.


We provide support service and development from scratch to game projects.


We provide visual support for the Film and Game industries.


By designing hardware products, we ensure the production of these hardware products.


We provide research services on a global scale for your projects.


We undertake the development phase of your completed research projects.


We develop support and new models for data analysis and management.

Who are we?

Spaceandtab Company is a software and design studio. Our studio was established in 2019 and continues its activities. Our studio works with a project-based business principle.

It develops its own projects. In addition, it provides support and development from scratch to 3rd party persons or organizations on their projects.

As of 2021, our studio has started infrastructure activities to develop hardware products in addition to software and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in this section.

How do I work with Spaceandtab Company?

You can contact our company with an e-mail describing the subject you want to work with via our e-mail address. Our corporate communication department will contact you and create the work program.

Where is your studio?

Due to the pandemic, we have closed our studios and switched to home office working order. We have a production workshop in Antalya for hardware productions only.

I have an idea, but I don't know what to do.

We present your ideas to you by doing detailed and global research. Afterwards, our studio will be pleased to support you in bringing your idea to life with this research report.

I'm afraid my idea will be stolen.

If you contact us, we stamp these meetings with the Tubitak Timestamp, while transferring your ideas to us. In this way, it is proved by the Republic of Turkey that the idea and the project belong to you. In this way, the ideas and projects of our esteemed working partners are completely protected by legal means.

Can I be a partner in your projects?

You can become a sales dealer, profit partner or investor in our projects that have already been put into use. You can contact our corporate communication department for detailed information.

I do not have an Idea or Project, but I want to invest.

You can buy these projects and produce them yourself by contacting us about our projects that have finished the research phase and haven't started production yet.

Are you looking for staff?

You can send your resume to us via e-mail. Our human resources department will contact you.